Kyrsten Sinema, Irritating the Left and Delighting the GOP

Kyrsten Sinema isn’t fitting in with fellow Democrats in the Senate. The Arizona senator is running Ironman races, skipping party lunches, and is endorsing primary challengers of colleagues, while hobknobbing with Republicans. Nor is she watching the Democratic presidential debates.

Arizona’s first Democrat to win a Senate race in 30 years has done little to raise her profile in Washington; she’s more focused on trying to balance her extreme workout regime with a moderate record on par with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s.

While attempting a bipartisan position, she has endorsed AG William Barr and is apathetic on impeachment.

…she is criticizing senators in both parties for “highly partisan” statements on impeachment and is declining to endorse the House impeachment inquiry: “That’s not my job, that’s not my role.”

Her centrism is drawing jeers from progressives and cheers from Republicans.

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