Liveblog - Impeachment Updates: 11-07-19

An aide to Vice President Mike Pence, Jennifer Williams, will show up for testimony on Thursday if she receives a subpoena, according to a source familiar with the matter. 

Williams was on the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky. Williams was concerned about what she heard on the call but there is no indication Williams raised her concerns to her superiors, according to the source.

As usual, Rachel Maddow explains the importance of Williams’ testimony.

Trump’s upset about the Billy Barr article WaPo published on Wednesday:

Good read: Zelensky Bowed to Trump’s Demands, Until Luck Spared Him

Next week, we host Live Discussions on the open door hearings.

  • Bolton might testify under certain conditions

    • Former national security advisor John Bolton was a no-show Thursday for a scheduled deposition in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.
    • But Bolton is reportedly still willing to testify under certain conditions.
    • A House Intelligence Committee official says that Bolton’s lawyer would take the House panels conducting the probe to court if his client was subpoenaed.


  • Jr. spins and spins

  • Trump whining

    Some one needs to explain to him how this all works.

  • Republicans to subpoena whistleblower

    According to Gym Jordan, the Republicans will subpoena the whistleblower but, it will go nowhere.  The Democratic Party has “rejected the idea of ousting the anonymous figure, citing safety concerns, and they have veto power over any GOP subpoena requests for witness testimony.”

    The Hill:

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