Trump administration to increase fees on immigrants, including asylum seekers

On Friday, the Trump administration announced it will increase fees “on those pursuing legal immigration and citizenship, as well as for the first time charging those fleeing persecution for seeking protection in the United States.”

The fees will affect the following:

  • Citizenship fees: Increase of 60 percent, to $1,170 from $725, for most applicants.
  • Increase in fees could reach 83 percent for others (undefined).
  •  Charge asylum seekers $50 for applications and $490 for work permits.
  • Once implemented, the US will become one of four countries to charge people for asylum.
  • Increase renewal fees for DACA recipients from $495 to $765.

Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, the acting director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, said in a statement that the proposed changes would alleviate an “overextended system,” allowing his agency to address an annual deficit of nearly $1.3 billion a year. Former agency officials and immigration lawyers, however, said the decision to charge asylum seekers erased a long-held principle of not placing a financial burden on some of the world’s most vulnerable people seeking protection.

The administration will publish their new proposal on Thursday, which will have a monthlong comment period.


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