Meet the MAGAt who shanked the Baby Trump balloon

On Saturday, some MAGAt named Hoyt Hutchinson shanked the Baby Trump balloon outside of the Louisiana State University versus University of Alabama game that Trump and Be Best attended.

Police arrested Hutchinson and charged him with criminal mischief in the first degree; bond was set at $2,500. Before shanking Baby Trump, Hoyt announced to the world his plans and encouraged others to join in on the fun:

Hutchinson then started a Go Fund Me account entitled “Restitutions for Baby Trump Stabber” to help pay his legal fees, and while he set his goal to reach $6K, in just 24 hours, over $30,000 has been donated. However, his fundraising campaign may soon be deemed an illegal use of the fundraising site, as the reason Hutchinson is asking for money may violate No. 9 of what Go Fund Me described as Prohibited Content.


What we know about Hoyt:

  • Hoyt is not a current nor even a past student of Alabama or LSU. He works at BF Goodrich Tires.
  • He had a fiancé; it’s unclear if she’s related to him, or not. But Hoyt claimed she once babysat him. He now lists his status as, single–for obvious reasons.
  • His GoFundMe scam may actually violate the company’s Terms of Service:
    • Typically, Go Fund Me campaigns are organized by those close to the person in need of assistance, but Hutchinson, who lives in Northport, Alabama, wrote, “Help raise money to pay legal fees and restitutions for Hoyt. He was charged with a felony criminal mischief after deflation of the disrespectful baby trump balloon. Hoyt made sure our beloved president didn’t have to see this disrespectful balloon on the streets of Ttown today!!”
    • Prohibited Content includes a “campaign that we deem, in our sole discretion, to be for the legal defense of alleged crimes associated with hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind.”
  • He received both ridicule and support for his stunt on social media.
  • Ironically, funding for Baby Trump was procured through GoFundMe.

LSU won Saturday’s game against the University of Alabama.

“Baltimore Ravens running back Mark Ingram, a Heisman Trophy winner and former college football star at the University of Alabama, tweeted on Saturday that he is blaming President Trump for the college team’s recent loss to LSU. 

“I’m blaming Trump for this one. Soon as they showed him at game we had that bad swacky!!” he tweeted Saturday.”

The Hill:

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