Schiff Calls Out Bolton For Not Testifying

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Adam Schiff blasted John Bolton on Sunday for failing to testify in the impeachment inquiry, while concentrating on a memoir, saying that Bolton “wanted to wait for a book instead of telling the American people what he knew.” Schiff spoke on CNN’s State of the Union, and compared Bolton’s reluctance to the integrity of his aide, Fiona Hill.

“The obligation right now to show the courage Dr Hill did,” Schiff said. “She made the decision that this is the right thing to do. John Bolton should make the same decision.”

The intelligence committee is working on a report it is expected to submit to the judiciary committee in early December, although the report could have “addenda”, Schiff said. “We don’t foreclose the possibility of more depositions or hearings,” he said. “We are in the process of getting more records.”

Meanwhile, a court decision is expected Monday from U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in Washington, in a lawsuit to compel Don McGahn to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. The case could provide cover for Bolton and others who may seek to comply with the subpoenas and testify.

Brown Jackson, an appointee of former President Barack Obama, suggested during oral arguments in October that she would rule in favor of the House. The Trump administration has argued that the U.S. Constitution does not give Congress power to compel testimony from senior members of the executive branch.

The decision to compel McGahn to testify would not be held to any other officials, and would likely be appealed. Bolton’s lawyer has indicated that he would testify if a judge ruled that Congress has the power to make him.

This is from the Guardian and Reuters.