Wing Nuts ignore court order to stop private wall construction

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The construction of a private border wall partially funded by rightwing allies of Donald Trump continued with vigor in south Texas this week, seemingly in blatant violation of a court injunction ordering work to be suspended. 

On Thursday and Friday, within three days of a temporary restraining orderbeing issued, the Guardian found construction crews with at least 10 heavy machinery vehicles moving soil, digging trenches and positioning tall metal posts along the US bank of the Rio Grande in Hidalgo county, which forms the border with Mexico. A 3.5-mile, privately-funded concrete barrier is planned on the site, near Mission, Texas.

The state court order was served to We Build the Wall (WBTW), an anti-migrant group founded by military veteran Brian Kolfage, and the landowners, Neuhaus and Sons LLC, whose land is situated between Trump’s proposed wall and the Mexican border.

The Guardian:

From Wing Nut ‘News:’

The United States International Boundary and Water Commission filed the suit against We Build The Wall Inc., citing irreparable harm that the border wall would do to the National Butterfly Center.

The president of the National Butterfly Center, Marianna Treviño Wright, filed the temporary restraining order against Brian Kolfage, the founder of We Build The Wall.

Kolfage says it is business as usual, since he has not been served with any papers.

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