A missing Chilean plane carrying 38 people to Antarctica is presumed crashed

Survivors Sought

The Chilean military declared an alert and the Air Force activated a multidisciplinary search-and-rescue team Monday after officials lost radio contact with a C-130 Hercules aircraft at 6:13 p.m., the Air Force said. UPI

A rescue team is searching for survivors after a Chilean air force plane carrying 38 people disappeared on its way to Antarctica on Monday evening and is presumed to have crashed, Chilean officials said Tuesday.

The C-130 Hercules took off at 4:55 p.m. local time Monday from Punta Arenas, Chile, for a roughly three-hour trip to a Chilean base in Antarctica. The plane had enough fuel to stay airborne midnight Monday, the air force said in a statement Tuesday. But officials have been unable to reach the pilot since losing contact with the flight shortly after 6 p.m. Monday. The pilot did not send emergency signals before the flight went missing, the air force said.

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