Last Call 12-21-19

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Happy Holidays, News Viewers, and Merry Impeachment! Yes, the Orange Ass is impeached and will wear that label for the rest of his miserable life. Our great grandchildren will learn that Donald J. Trump became the third US president to get impeached; that has got to burn his orange ass. I wish he became the first US president removed from office, but…won’t happen, unfortunately.

Anyway–downvoting, chickenshit, lurking, butt hurt troll: Yeah, ignore him/her; this is probably the most excitement he/she has had in years.

His downvotes look bad on paper but mean nothing in reality except he/she is a downvoting, chickenshit, lurking butt hurt troll that downvotes because he/she cannot hold an adult conversation.

His useless, attention starved downvotes do not hurt your rep score or impeded your ability to post comments. But….you can really piss him/her off by upvoting your fellow News Viewers’ comments.

Just know, we’re working on it; we have our ways.

So, a little bit of history:

I’m sure some folks look back at December 20, 1860, as one of the greatest days in our nation’s history. I’m also sure than some folks would like to relive it, especially if their Orange Messiah was removed from office.

South Carolina Secedes

On this day, a secession convention meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, unanimously adopted an ordinance dissolving the connection between South Carolina and the United States of America.

The convention had been called by the governor and legislature of South Carolina once Lincoln‘s victory was assured.

Although I’m not a religious person, I love this time of year because it’s so beautiful, too cold for me, but beautiful. Happy Holidays and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Ms. G

Welcome back, America!