Mother of OHIO teen “accidentally” shot in face: ‘God was definitely with her’!

DATELINE: CARLISLE Ohio— The 16 year old girl was shot by a .22 caliber pistol. She was shot in the left cheek, by a boy friend, the bullet lodged behind her left ear. The girls mother says that the wound needs to heal before the bullet can be removed from the back of the jaw. She’s expected to live.

“She’s doing all right,” the mother said. “God was definitely with her.”

After the girl was shot at the friend’s house, she ran about a block to her grandmother’s house. (no over the river and through the woods) The grandmother is a registered nurse. The medics came and packed her off to a hospital.

The boy that shot her called called 911.

During the exchange with the dispatcher, the teen said,
“So, I was holding this gun and I didn’t know it was loaded or cocked, and I pulled the trigger, and I didn’t think it was cocked, and it went off, and we need an ambulance immediately.”

When the dispatcher asked who shot the girl, the teen said, “Me. I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”
Warren County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Hounshell  is calling it an “accidental” shooting at this time.

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