Florida Supreme Court suspends Trump loving attorney for disparaging social media comments

Florida Supreme Court issued a 91-day suspension on Donald McBath from practicing law for posting “disparaging comments against Muslims and the LGBTQ community on social media.”

In a statement released by the Florida State Bar:

McBath, as a judicial candidate, made written and oral statements concerning his political affiliations and his views of classes of parties and issues that were hate-filled, unprofessional and inappropriate. (Case No. SC19-569)

The Florida State Bar disciplined 15 attorneys, disbarred five, and suspended 10.

The Bar documented 15 comments that McBath made on Facebook or Twitter, including anti-Muslim remarks (“never trust a Muslim”), homophobic remarks (“Abstain, if you really have that mental illness. It’s not love”), comments against abortion, and comments supportive of President Donald Trump’s travel ban (“They’re leaches on our system.”)

The Bar also noted McBath’s Twitter profile stated: “100% Trump supporter #MAGA; #KAG; proud DEPLORABLE; Pro-God; Christian; Pro-Life; Pro-Gun; Anti-Sharia; Constitutional Conservative; Former Major US Army.”

U.S. News:

In 2018, McBath ran for judge in the Sixth Judicial Circuit; he lost.

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