PSA: Happy New Year Hangover Helper

Good evening, News Viewers and Happy New Year. Whatever your plans are tonight, stay safe and please do not drink and drive.

“Obviously, the best way to avoid hangovers is by not drinking so much,” Dr. Michael Lynch, medical director of the Pittsburgh Poison Center and emergency department physician at UPMC in Pittsburgh, told TODAY.

There’s not a ton of research on hangovers but experts know that dehydration and inflammation work in tandem to create that icky, rundown feeling.

“A big part of it is dehydration as well as a build-up of some of the alcohol metabolites,” he said. “Some of a hangover is an inflammatory response.”

Other suggestions to consider:

  • Lots of water. Have a glass handy and drink it. I prefer sparkling water with lemon or lime because it helps with digestion.
  • If feeling icky in the morning, take an anti-inflammatory but do not take Acetaminophen when drinking.
  • Some people claim lighter colored alcohol will reduce the chances of a hangover while darker colored alcohol will increase it. Darker colored alcohol includes: Red wine (the tannins are a big contributor), brandy or whisky “are packed with congeners while there are fewer in light drinks, such as white wine and vodka.”
  • Sugar! Avoid the Rum and Cokes or sweet stuff, the liqueurs I love.
  • Dr. Michael Lynch, medical director of the Pittsburgh Poison Center and emergency department physician at UPMC in Pittsburgh claims Pedialyte or Gatorade can help, if only a placebo effect, but neither are a scientifically proven cure.
  • He also claimed vitamin B or potassium are not scientifically proven to cure a hangover either.
  • Mixing a bunch of different types of alcohol is never wise; stick to one thing.

“A hangover feels crappy for a day, but injuries and things that happen while really intoxicated can be serious and potentially permanent,” he said. “And that is what we want people to avoid.”

So, the best solution is to drink in moderation and stay hydrated. Personally, I find having a good meal before drinking any alcoholic beverage helps to avoid numerous issues, especially getting way buzzed way too quickly.

Happy 2020 and stay safe!

And if you can handle the sound of a blender and have the energy to cut up some fruit, have had it and enjoy!

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