For the animal lover in you: CA- ‘We want to be a no-kill state.’

Governor Newsom calls for an end to animal euthanasia in California.

Governor Newsom wants to end animal euthanasia in CA and has called for the State Legislature to allocate public funding for his proposal.

“We want to be a no-kill state,”

Gov. Newsom has requested $50 million dollars from a “one-time general fund allocation to the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program to develop a grant program for animal shelters, with a goal of helping local communities ‘achieve the state’s policy goal that no adoptable or treatable dog or cat should be euthanized.”

Judie Mancuso, president of Social Compassion in Legislation and animal rights activist has given her support thus far. She hopes the money will go towards “spay and neuter, microchipping” our fur buddies, which will help alleviate overpopulation.

The Sacramento Bee:

If CA’s Legislature drafts and passes legislation mirroring Gov. Newsom’s request, CA would join Delaware and Michigan as the only no kill states in the nation.

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