Iowa swing voters on Trump: “He drives me crazy, but….”

Many pine for calmer days but are crediting the president for the economy

The voters who migrated from Barack Obama to Trump in the county on Iowa’s border with Minnesota were among nearly 8 million across the US who switched parties four years ago. In swing states such as Iowa they were decisive in delivering the White House to the Republicans.

Neil Shaffer, the Republican party chair in Howard county, Iowa, is confident that Trump can win their support again. He argues that what the president’s opponents see as his negatives – his litany of false claims, Twitter battles and impeachment – will only strengthen a presidential campaign again built around the image of the outsider fighting the system.

“He’s still a Don Quixote. People like that. They like a fighter,” said Shaffer.

But Shaffer struggles with Trump’s divisiveness, deeply dislikes his hostility to immigrants and wishes he would get off Twitter. So while he is already mapping out the president’s campaign in Howard county, he has also been checking out the Democratic presidential contenders.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.