Here’s what press secretary Stephanie Grisham says about press briefings

Former Press Secretaries, among others, call for Press Briefings to return.

White House Press Briefing Room

Washington (CNN)White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham has rebuffed a recent CNN opinion piece from 13 former White House press secretaries, foreign service and military officials arguing for the return of daily press briefings.

White House Press Corps

“This is groupthink at its finest. The press has unprecedented access to President Trump, yet they continue to complain because they can’t grandstand on TV,” Grisham told Axios in response to the opinion piece. “They’re not looking for information, they’re looking for a moment. This President is unorthodox in everything he’s done. He’s rewritten the rules of politics. His press secretary and everyone else in the administration is reflective of that.”

Stephanie Grisham and Donald Trump take a stroll.

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