PSA: We dance on your grave, 5 O’Clock Charlie

During the last few months, News Views experienced a serial down voter that Jaye and I referred to as 5 o’clock Charlie. He nailed each one of us 3x, sometimes more if he had help, on every comment on pretty much every thread.

Well, he’s dead…or, they’re dead, since it was just one turd with several socks and now, Disqus shows who is downvoting comments. He may have shared his socks with various idiots in his deplorable ‘posse’ but, it was pretty much the same bunker bound loser who down voted us.

In fact, the same, three socks trolled the old NV channel for months, if not years. I would find him in our mod panel every day trolling the old NV channel because he had no life and was pathologically obsessed with us.

Meet Five O’Clock Charlie. Here is a screen shot of his ‘fine’ work. Just know, a good guy (gal) with a mighty fine ban hammer/bat knocked his ass out of the sky putting an end to his downvoting days. Don’t worry about the downvotes he gave you. He didn’t affect your Disqus reputation; he’s irrelevant to pretty much everything.

There was a thread I posted, All roads lead to Putin including Trump’s own impeachment that brought out MASS down voting. All of those involved have been put out of all of our misery as well; they’re history— as in, morto.

So, if anyone of you have caught a serial down voter who has followed you here and needs euthanizing, let me know. Also—word of warning because it works both ways, if you down vote a comment, your username will show up as the culprit.

Personally, I have and still do down vote comments because I seriously don’t care if my name shows up as the culprit. Some people’s comments are just so vile, they could use a down vote or two to put them in check.

Anyway–R.I.P., Five O’Clock Charlie. I can’t say we’ll miss you. It was about time your ticker ticked out.

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