GUNZ! Gun Owner Shoots His Scrotum While Sitting on the Bed!


Providence Police responded to a call Thursday night about shooting.

They found Edward Martinez, 22, with no pants on and a gunshot to his scrotum. Edward’s mom told the police that he had shot himself by accident.

Martinez told police he was “handling a gun while sitting on his bed and accidentally fired the gun,” police said. He told police he then took his pants off and located the wound.

Police found the firearm, a semi-automatic pistol, on his bedside table. Two other firearms were in the room. Officers seized all three guns.

  • Police say he’s not facing any criminal charges at this time.
  • He was taken to Rhode Island Hospital.
  • His injury in not considered life-threatening.
  • No word on whether he will be able to sire children or not.

Providence Journal

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