FiveThirtyEight’s Latest Polls on Impeachment

FiveThirtyEight, a website that focuses on opinion polls, has been surveying the same respondents for several weeks for their opinions on the impeachment case against Trump. As the trial has started on Tuesday, the latest polls show that 58% of Americans think that Trump committed an impeachable offense.

  • 52% say there’s enough evidence to remove him from office because of the Ukraine scandal
  • 53% say he should be removed for blocking witnesses and refusing to cooperate
  • 54% say he should be removed from office
  • 55% oppose the idea of dismissing the case

Overall, in three weeks there was an uptick in the same respondents who felt he committed an impeachable offense, from 55% in November to 58% now.

But here’s how it breaks down by party. Republicans who strongly approve of the way Trump has handled impeachment has risen from November, from 27% to 36%. Also a smaller share of Republicans say investigating the Bidens in exchange for military aid to Ukraine is inappropriate.

The same number – 59% – still support calling witnesses, while 37% want only the information presented by the House hearings.

In late December, the support for witnesses was from 65% of democrats and 48% of republicans. Today the divide has grown, to 71% of democrats and 41% of republicans.

Do respondents think Congress is impartial? 29% say no, 68% say Congress will vote for their party.

What damage is this doing to Trump in the 2020 election?

Among Democrats:

  • 13% think it will help him
  • 37% think it makes no difference
  • 47% think it will hurt him

Among Republicans:

  • 49% think it will help him
  • 33% think it makes no difference
  • 16% think it will hurt him

See the details here at 538.

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