Antonio Brown Turns Himself In to Broward County Jail

Accompanied by legal representation and friends, Antonio Brown turned himself in to Broward County officials on Thursday night in response to an arrest warrant.

Brown is faced with charges of felony burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief following an incident at his Hollywood, Florida, home in which he allegedly assaulted the driver of a moving truck.

Brown’s trainer, Glenn Holt, was arrested on Tuesday and later released on bond stemming from the alleged incident. The charges against Holt were listed as felony burglary with battery.

According to documents as reported by TMZ, Brown threw a rock at the driver of a moving van who was moving items from storage in California to his Florida home. Brown later forced his way into the driver’s side of the moving truck to strike the driver after a disagreement over payment of the service.

Brown was upset that the shipment, which included his wardrobe of designer clothes and shoes, took six weeks to arrive at a cost of $4,000. Brown refused to pay, which prompted the driver to attempt to leave the property with the unloaded truck. Later, the moving company told the driver to drop off the shipment when Brown agreed to pay the $4,000 plus damages caused. Brown then paid $4,000 but nothing more, and another argument ensued, which instigated the physical attack on the driver.

Brown’s home is located in a gated community. Multiple neighbors told ESPN they are fed up with the antics taking place at the home, including multiple police encounters this month.

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