John Bolton’s book claims Trump tied Ukraine aid freeze to Biden investigations

The New York Times received an unpublished manuscript of John Bolton’s upcoming new book. Bolton claimed that Trump did indeed tell him in “August that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens.”

Obviously, Bolton’s recall of the event conflicts with what Trump has claimed for months.

The White House received a copy of the transcript for a standard review process, which is customary “for some current and former administration officials who write books.”

Bolton’s book provides a glimpse of what he might testify to if the Senate called him as a witness. However, “the White House could use the pre-publication review process, which has no set time frame, to delay or even kill the book’s publication or omit key passages.”

In a nutshell:

  • Bolton described how the Ukraine affair unfolded over several months until he departed the White House.
  • Trump constantly bagged on Ukraine.
  • Pompous Ass Pompeo acknowledged privately that there was no basis to claims by the president’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani that the ambassador to Ukraine was corrupt.
  • Bolton allegedly raised his concerns about Giuliani with Billy Barr and told Barr that Trump mentioned him on the now, infamous phone call.
  • Billy denies this claim.

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