Joe Scarborough Laments the “Confederacy of Dunces”

A Genuinely Funny Rant (Assuming The Reader Can Watch More Than 30 Seconds of Joe) Skewering the Trump Defense Team Performance

Joe Scarborough had an entertaining rant Tuesday morning on Morning Joe that branded the Trump defense squad as a “Confederacy of Dunces.”

Starting out with Jane Raskin’s assessment of Rudy Giuliani as a minor player, the characterizations only got funnier.

“Where do we begin with Ken Starr?” Scarborough then exclaimed. “If irony weren’t already dead and buried years ago, it was Ken Starr yesterday talking about how abuse of power is not sufficient to impeach a president. You need a crime.”

“He literally dragged the corpse of irony out of the grave,” the former Republican congressman continued as the rest of the panel laughed. “He meticulously tied the corpse’s neck bone to the back of a tractor, and he ran that tractor throughout the graveyard of stupidity and ran over every headstone before once again kicking dirt on the corpse of irony, again!”

He continued on to dismantle Pam Bondi’s incendiary attacks on the Bidens, and ended with a histrionic comparison to himself in a James Brown superhero cape.



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