Guns Stolen From State Rep’s Underwear Drawer

Burglary Reported 2 Days After An Open Carry Stunt at the State of the State Address

Two firearms were stolen from the underwear drawer of Michigan State Representative Beau LaFave (R-Iron Mountain, MI) over the weekend at his Lansing area home.

The break-in and burglary occurred just days after LaFave attended Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State Address while open carrying an assault style rifle at the state capitol in protest of proposed “unconstitutional” laws.

The rifle he carried at the capitol and a .40-caliber handgun were stolen from his underwear draw, along with $25 from a countertop. LaFave reported he kept the weapons unlocked in case he needed quick access, and that there were no children living in the home. He believes he was not targeted, but rather was an unlucky victim of a random theft. A window was broken to gain entry into the home.

LaFave says the incident has strengthened his committment to the Second Amendment, and intends to add more security to his home.

See the local source, MLive here.