Hunter Biden’s Travel Records Requested by GOP

Two Republican Senate committee members have served a letter to the Secret Service Director James Murray requesting travel documentation of Hunter Biden.

Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley and Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson are requesting a reply by February 19 for details of Biden’s travel dates and locations.

The chairmen asked Murray to provide a list of dates and travel locations for which Hunter Biden received a protective detail, information on whether he was on government aircraft or accompanied by family members and a description of the protective detail.

The letter cites specifically travel to Ukraine, and China in 2013.

According to The New York Times, Hunter Biden has a 10% interest in BHR Partners, a private-equity fund that the Chinese government-owned Bank of China has invested in. In December 2013, the same month the fund was officially established, Hunter Biden joined his father and one of his daughters on a trip to China. There, he met with Jonathan Li, the fund’s China-based partner. The New Yorker reported that Li met Hunter Biden at his hotel and shook hands with the vice president. Days after the start of the trip, Hunter Biden had officially joined BHR’s board, The Washington Post reported, raising questions about whether he had used his father’s access for his own personal benefit.

However, according to The New Yorker, Hunter Biden maintains that visit with Li was social, not business-related. As of May 2019, both The New York Times and The Washington Post reported that Hunter Biden had not received any money from the fund or in connection with his role as an unpaid advisory board member. In July 2019, more than two years after his father had left office, Hunter Biden purchased an equity stake in the BHR fund, valued around $430,000, according to The Washington Post.

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