Jared Kushner vows there will be “no drama” in Trump’s second term: “It’s high-competence”

Kushner claimed a second term would mirror his "efficient" campaign, which a former adviser called a "sh*t show"

Trump and Kushner

Jared Kushner vowed on Friday that a second term from his father-in-law, President Donald Trump,  would be both efficient and drama-free.

The senior White House adviser claimed that Trump’s re-election campaign was running smoothly, much as the president’s second term supposedly would, while speaking with organizer Matt Schlapp at the Conservative Political Actions Conference (CPAC).

“The way that you see the campaign being run, there’s no leaks. There’s no drama. I would say it’s high-competence, low-drama,” Kushner said. “Everything is very efficiently run, and I think that’s exemplary of how President Trump would run his second term in office.”

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