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WH Coronavirus Warriors press briefing: 3-31-20

March 31, 2020 Ms. G

Join News Views for a Live Discussion on ‘Blood on his Tiny Hands,’ Trump, Pastor Pence, Scarf Lady, and the real Coronavirus Warrior, Dr. Fauci’s press briefing. More than likely, the Warriors will begin their briefing late as usual but allegedly, they MORE


PSA: Covid Tracking

March 31, 2020 Community Submission

The COVID Tracking Project obtains, organizes, and publishes high-quality data required to understand and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. We will do this work until official national sources take over and MORE


Ohio’s COVID-19 cases surge

March 31, 2020 Ms. G

The cases of novel coronavirus in Ohio has increased by 266, including 16 new deaths, according to the state’s Department of Health. There are now a total of 2,199 cases in the state, including 55 MORE