Convicted swindler asks judge for home confinement; claims he is vulnerable to COVID-19

Convicted of defrauding his employer of millions, a former United Way vice president has asked a federal judge to let him out of jail because his compromised immune system makes him vulnerable to COVID-19.

District Court Judge Joseph Laplante held an emergency hearing Monday on a request from Windham resident Imran Alrai that he be released into the custody of his wife and ordered confined to his home.

Late last year, Laplante convicted Alrai of 44 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and transportation of stolen property. He has surrendered his U.S. and Pakistani passports and is scheduled for sentencing before Laplante in July. Prosecutors anticipate a prison sentence of six to seven years.

Prosecutors said the United Way lost at least $3.1 million due to his company’s excessive billing, duplicate bills, and billing for unprovided services. Alrai personally enriched himself by $3.7 million, an expert witness testified at trial. Prosecutors have said he has wired $1.2 million in fraudulent proceeds to a bank account in Lahore, Pakistan.



Article submitted by, Plainfield2.

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