Trump just fired Intelligence Community chief watchdog, Michael Atkinson, receiver of whistleblower complaint

Trump fires intelligence community inspector general The president has formally notified the Senate Intelligence Committee of the move.

“This is to advise that I am exercising my power as President to remove from office the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, effective 30 days from today.”

-The Orange Buffoon

Trump has fired the intelligence community’s chief watchdog, Michael Atkinson, who was the first to sound the alarm to Congress last September about an “urgent” complaint he’d received from an intelligence official involving Trump’s communications with Ukraine.

Trump formally notified the Senate Intelligence Committee of his intention to fire Atkinson and remove him from his duties, to take effect 30 days from Friday, according to two congressional officials and a copy of the letter obtained by Politico dated April 3.

The whistleblower complaint effectively kicked off the House’s impeachment inquiry, which began in late September amid allegations that Trump had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 election when he asked Ukraine’s president to investigate his political opponents, including Joe Biden.

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