Haiku Wednesday

Because you guys did so great and we had so much fun, we now bring you Week #2 of Haiku Wednesday.

Here are the rules: I request that any stand alone comment you post be in Haiku format. How you reply to a comment is your choice.

In a nutshell:

Your first line MUST contain 5 syllables, nothing more, nothing less.

Second line must contain 7 syllables.

The last line reverts to the first line: 5 syllables.

Easy peasy-5,7,5.

It was brought to my attention last week that Haikus usually focus on nature. Well, I seriously don’t care; there is NO TOPIC. You can write about what YOU want to write about. If that is nature, so be it. If it is about the Orange Ass, that works as well. But make it all Haiku Fun!

For example:

Social distancing

While drinking wine with a friend. 🍷

We had so much fun.

Getting together.

Talk about old times and new.

That’s what friends are for.

Trying times abound.

Getting through this is quite tough.

Talk with your loved ones.

The world has so changed.

Will this be our new normal

Staying far apart?

No shakes nor some hugs?

No human contact, no love?

Yeah, I can’t do this.

-Ms. G

I love my fur balls.

But barking nonstop kills me.

‘Baby’ is a spaz.


You don’t have to write a book; I did because I cannot say anything in 10 words or less….that’s just me…and… I’m more than irritated with this formatting thing. 😡😡😡

Happy Haikuing!


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