It’s 5:00 Somewhere

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So another Friday is here already, and not only is it a Friday, it’s a holiday Friday. Isn’t it great to remember the relief of relishing a long weekend? After several weeks of hunkering in our bunkers, many of us are back to the old grind, or some version of it. Sigh.

Memorial Weekend is the gateway to the summer where I live. A typical holiday Friday here would find the roads crammed with boats and campers heading “Up North,” but I suspect traffic will be light. I feel for our northern neighbors here in Michigan who would love to see some tourist dollars heading their way, but knowing it would be safer to just get a check in the mail. Of course that goes for all of us, I guess.

So we will be staying home this weekend, and tend to our typical Memorial Day yard work plans. Flower pots have been planted, patio furniture has been uncovered, lush green grass has been manicured, and bird feeders filled. Also the fridge is stocked.

The ESP family Watering Hole will be open for business.

No matter how you are spending your holiday weekend, you are welcome to stop in the 5:00 Somewhere Lounge for a quick one. No masks required.