Twitter adds a ‘Get the Facts’ disclaimer to Trump’s bogus claims about mail-in ballots

Twitter added a disclaimer to Trump’s unsubstantiated tweets that mail-in voting in CA has resulted in numerous people voting illegally. Trump made the same claim after the 2016 election and even went so far to claim that he would’ve won CA had it not been for people voting illegally. No evidence exists anywhere of Trump’s delusional claims but that hasn’t stopped far-right wing nuts from drinking the RED Koolaid.

I posted a screenshot of his tweets because he may soon throw a tantrum when he realizes the disclaimer and deletes his tweets or whine about Twitter censoring or silencing conservatives.

The New York Times columnist Ben Smith noted that Twitter said earlier this month that it would begin applying “get the facts” labels to tweets “containing potentially harmful, misleading information related to COVID-19.”


Unfortunately, Twitter didn’t find it in their Smurf Blue hearts to remove Trump’s tweets about Morning Joe and his staffer, Lori Klausutis.

***UPDATE: The Orange Buffoon starts the whining.

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