Talko Tuesday: 6-16-20

Good morning, News Viewers!

So, I’m missing ‘Lock Down,’ seriously. I live in a neighborhood that has a mixture of businesses, houses, and flats. It was pretty quiet for a few months and we could get a good night’s sleep up until the rioting started a few weeks ago. Now, stuff has started re-opening, like a few bars and I’m already over (drunk) people walking down my street and talking in very LOUD outdoor voices as they stumble past my house.

I decided I want a remote controlled, automatic sprinkler system but…we’re not even allowed to water our lawns. Well, we can but there are too many restrictions and I can’t keep up with when and when I cannot water so, to hell with the lawn. I save the water for our trees. However, I’m really contemplating watering people…rude people that care nothing about others and their desire to sleep. I think I’ll just ‘accidentally’ set off my car alarm when the entitled youngsters behave badly. On a positive note, at least they’re not driving.

I really don’t, just sometimes.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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