Tucker Carlson Sad That BLM is More Popular Than Trump

On Monday night, Fox News host with the most racism again devoted his monologue to being a racist Trumper.

After previously saying that Black Lives Matter is not about black lives, Carlson now admits that BLM is more popular than his president.

“Here is breaking news we never expected to report,” Carlson lamented. “Black Lives Matter is now more popular than the president of the United States and not slightly more popular than the president, much more popular.”

The sad news for Tuckkker comes after right-leaning pollster Rasmussen reported that 62 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Black Lives Matter, also more than Joe Biden and the pope. Carlson says that Black Lives Matter now “enjoys complete immunity from criticism.”

Claiming use of the phrase “All Lives Matter” is now “considered hate speech,” Carlson said the nation is in a “dangerous moment” before wondering aloud why Black Lives Matter hasn’t been brought up on federal charges over the violent protests and looting that took place days after Floyd’s death.

This story is at The Daily Beast.

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