UPDATE: Police Knock Double Amputee to Ground, Leave Him To Crawl For Help

Columbus cops deny ripping off double amputee’s prosthetic legs — but their video evidence is inconclusive

Columbus police accused of pepper-spraying double amputee and ‘stealing’ his prosthetic legs


Columbus protesters can be seen screaming for medical help in several videos posted to Reddit and other social media outlets and a double amputee was left without his prosthetic legs in the aftermath. Local TV news outlets and amateur videographers depict the initial standoff between Columbus Police Department officers and protesters, as officers formed a phalanx-like position and used their bikes to shove the demonstrators backward.


Several police officers can be seen wielding pepper spray cannisters in both hands despite city officials saying last week that the agent would be banned from law enforcement use. At the time, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said the city would ban chemical agents such as pepper spray to “immediately stop the use of tear gas and pepper spray to disperse non-aggressive, non-violent crowds.”

Columbus Police did not make a statement to Newsweek when asked.


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