GA Appellate Court Grants TFG’s Request to Consider Whether Fani Willis Should be Disqualified in His Criminal Case

Extreme Courts across this country, appointed by an inept and corrupt former president, have done everything possible to protect the criminally indicted, adjudicated sexual assaulter/rapist, and fraudster from facing a jury of his peers and possibly sending his criminal thug ass to prison where he will rot and die a lonely ‘man.’ To the best of my knowledged, prisons do not have gold toilets for inmates to use or satin ‘jammies’ for them to wear.

This morning, the Court of Appeals for the state of Georgia agreed to hear Donald Trump’s interlocutory appeal of Judge Scott McAfee’s decision to deny Trump’s request to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. The decision this morning permitted Trump and his co-defendants to file a notice of appeal within ten days. That will start the clock running on an appeal of Judge McAfee’s decision. 

Importantly, this decision does not consider the merits of Judge McAfee’s decision. Instead, it merely allows Trump to submit argument to the appellate court. Interlocutory appeal is not, however, freely granted in matters like this in Georgia, so the appellate court does seem to be interested in at least considering Trump’s arguments that Judge McAfee’s decision was wrong. 

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