Congregation Votes to Remove Pastor Who Came Out as Transgender During Sermon

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Pastor Junia “June” Joplin


Joplin came out to her church congregation during a June 14 sermon. “Hi, friends. Hi, family,” she waved. “My name is Junia. You can call me June. I’m a transgender woman and my pronouns are she and her.”

5 weeks later

“Yesterday the members of Mississauga’s Lorne Park Baptist Church (Ontario, Canada) voted to fire me. The vote went 58-53 in favour of termination,” Junia “June” Joplin tweeted on Tuesday. “I only slept about 90 minutes last night – not for dread or anxiety, but out of eager anticipation over entering the next chapter of my life. I don’t know where I’ll land next, but I know I’ll land as my authentic self.”

The church issued a statement:

“The Church has journeyed for the past month through a process of attempting to discern God’s will resulting from June’s announcement of June 14, 2020 that she is a transgender woman,” the statement read. “After a month of prayerful discernment and discussions between June and the congregation, it was determined, for theological reasons, that it is not in God’s will that June remain as our pastor. We wish June God’s grace and peace as she departs from us.”


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