Trump Got Extra Points on Cognitive Test!

With a penchant for doing things better than anyone in history, period, it’s no wonder Trump is now saying that he performed so well on his cognitive test that he earned extra points.

While Trump fails in his response to the COVID-19 crisis and sends federal forces into American cities with claims of being the greatest law and order president ever, he still wants to pick a cognitive fight with his democratic competitor, Joe Biden.

He revisits his 2018 Montreal Cognitive Assessment as if it were an IQ test, and brags on Fox News about impressing the doctors so much with his answers that he earned “extra points.”

How did he do it? By repeating the words “person, woman, man, camera, TV” in the right order. And more than once.

Trump claimed the doctors told him that “nobody gets in order” and while it isn’t easy, it “was easy” for him. Adding that the doctors then “go back” to that question “20-25 minutes later,” Trump repeated the phrase before insisting this left the doctors in awe. “They say, ‘That is amazing. How did you do that?” Trump declared. “I do it because I have, like, a good memory. Because I’m cognitively there.”

Trump says he took the test “probably a year ago or less than a year ago” and insists that Biden should take the test because some people question Biden’s mental fitness. Trump actually took the test in January 2018, two and a half years ago.

Recent polls, however, show Americans believe Biden’s cognitive abilities match or exceed the president’s. A Fox News poll reveals that 47 percent believe Biden has the mental soundness to be president, compared to 43 percent who feel Trump does. 

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