Viral sensation Dr. Stella Immanuel says Jesus will destroy Facebook if her COVID video doesn’t go back up!

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“Hello Facebook put back my profile page and videos up or your computers with start crashing till you do,” she tweeted overnight. “You are not bigger that God. I promise you. If my page is not back up face book will be down in Jesus name”

In the clip, allegedly filmed during a “White Coat Summit” in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., the self-proclaimed “Deliverance Minister” stands with a group of doctors who praised hydroxychloroquine and said how masks and lockdowns are not needed to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

She says “Hello, you don’t need a mask. There is a cure.”

On Monday Trump retweeted a post from Immanuel, who touts hydroxychloroquine as a solution for COVID-19.

NY Daily News

  • Her medical clinic is in a strip mall next to her church, where she’s a minister.
  • Immanuel is a licensed pediatrician according to the Texas Medical Board.
  • Immanuel was born in Cameroon and received her medical degree in Nigeria

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