Florida Republican Bursts the Hydroxychloroquine Bubble

Florida State Rep Randy Fine (R-Palm Bay) is OVER the hydroxychloroquine hype. After fighting COVID-19 for two weeks, he needed his lungs X-rayed since his symptoms now include a hacking cough and a fever.

“I’ve had a cold who knows how many times. I have never had to deal with anything like this. And for those who want to believe that (hydroxychloroquine) is some kind of magic solution, I’ve been taking that too (I don’t oppose it, but I am tired of people pretending it is magic),” he wrote on Facebook.

The X-ray images showed lung damage bad enough that doctors admitted him for observation.

Meanwhile, his Facebook page was lit with suggestions.

“Hydroxychloroquine as stated by many Doctors here and abroad is very effective. Had you been given that at the outset you might think it was magic indeed…” wrote one user.

“Was given it the day my test came back,” Fine replied. “Sorry to burst the magic bubble.”

Others thought he probably wasn’t taking the drug as prescribed or following “protocol” — whatever that means.

“People should be able to use it if they want. But people should stop pretending it is some kind of magic potion as well. If they need proof, look at me.”

See USA Today.

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