Maskless Bikers Party Down

250,000 Expected At Sturgis

The rally has made national news this week due to the expected turnout and the fact that there is no mask mandate in effect, raising concerns that the event could lead to a further explosion of coronavirus cases.

And on the first night of the 10-day rally, local news reporter Connor Matteson of KATA posted video that showed maskless revelers in Sturis packed tightly in a party tent, droplets akimbo:


Even the Official Motorcycle Brand of the Sturgis Rally Thinks the Mass Gathering Is Too Risky

The mass gathering at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally amid the pandemic is too crazy even for the company whose name is all but synonymous with the annual event.

The Harley-Davidson company has been associated with the rally in the South Dakota town of Sturgis since its inception decades ago. 

“Usually, we have trucks and staff and products and demos and everything,” a company spokesperson told The Daily Beast on Friday. “This year, we aren’t doing that.” 

Daily Beast

Still haven’t had enough Sturgis? Here’s live streaming just for you.

South Dakota reported 106 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday August 8.

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