Peter Navarro claims the Lord created Executive Orders; Larry Kudlow doesn’t understand them

The Sunday Shows focused primarily on Trump’s bigly Executive Orders that will not get implemented anytime soon, if at all.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, White House stooge Peter Navarro claimed ‘the Lord and Founding Fathers’ created executive orders.

Navarro also took a swipe at Speaker Pelosi but F!!! Chuck Todd asked him why Trump never showed his fugly mug at the negotiations’ table:

Clues to people who actually believe Trump’s nonsense:

  • Trump’s claim to extend the enhanced unemployment benefits will work only if CASH STRAPPED states pick up 25% of the tab.
  • Trump kicked the can on the payroll tax. You will still be liable for it at some point.
  • The eviction moratorium applies ONLY to federal housing.
  • Congress holds the checkbook, not the Executive Branch.

And then there’s Larry Kudlow who has no clue how things work, including what’s in Trump’s, Lord created, Executive Orders:

Tweets that haven’t aged well:

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