Cult of Bleach Bishop Arrested

In April the Guardian reported that the Florida-based Genesis II church wrote to Donald Trump at the White House to promote its “Miracle Mineral Solution” (chlorine dioxide industrial bleach) as a cure for Covid-19. A few days later, Trump went on national TV during his daily coronavirus briefing and suggested that disinfectant could be used as a treatment for the virus.

Mark Grenon, the self-proclaimed “archbishop” of the Genesis II group, has now been arrested in Colombia along with his son, Joseph Grenon, and the two are expected to be extradited to the US to face charges of dealing in a substance that has not been approved for medical use and could be life-threatening.

The prosecutor’s office said the pair were taken into custody on suspicion of selling a “miracle solution” that had caused the deaths of seven American citizens.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful bleach used in textile manufacturing. The Grenons say when it is swallowed as a dilution, it can cure almost all illnesses including Covid, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and autism.

The US Food and Drug Administration has banned Grenon and his sons from peddling in bleach. Last August the FDA issued a public notice warning Americans not to drink MMS or similar products.

When the Guardian asked Mark Grenon to respond to the FDA’s warning, he replied in an email: “You and your Guardian newspaper are just puppets of the evil players of this world like the Murdoch/Rothschild families! May God open your eyes Picklehead Ed that doesn’t research the Truth or YOU ARE A PAID LIAR!”

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