Melania Trump unveils White House Rose Garden restorations ahead of RNC


The Rose Garden has been under construction since late last month, when the first lady announced she was spearheading an overhaul to the space to include updates to the technological elements of the space, as well as the redesign of the plantings and the placement of new limestone walkways. Since construction began, the garden — used more frequently in the Covid-19 era to hold news conferences as it allows White House staff, journalists and guests to more safely socially distance — has been out of sight from staff and members of the press.

Later today, the Trumps will be holding a “closed reception” at the revamped Rose Garden. Mike and Karen Pence will be attending.

The restoration resembles the original design and formation of the Rose Garden, established by President John F. Kennedy, and implemented in 1962 by horticulturist and philanthropist Rachel “Bunny” Mellon. The garden had not undergone a comprehensive “refresh” since then.


In 2018 Melania created an equally stunning White House Christmas scene.

Here are some of the reviews of the reworked Rose Garden.

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