More than 10,000 COVID conspiracy theorists gather in London

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Claim virus is a lie spread in secret global plot organized by Bill Gates!


Carrying placards railing against the World Health Organization, Bill Gates and the government restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the demonstrators called for an end to movement restrictions and mandatory face coverings. Many placards described the coronavirus pandemic as a “hoax” or “scam”.

Although the demonstration focused on coronavirus restrictions, those taking part espoused anti-authoritarian grievances ranging from the lockdown to the imprisonment of Julian Assange to claims of elite child sexual abuse.

The anti-vaxxers were there as well. The New World Order and Mark of the Beast folks showed up too.

Nutter conspiracist celebrity David Icke was set to speak.

Berlin had 18,000 coronavirus “sceptics” Saturday.

The Guardian

Yesterday the UK had 1276 new COVID-19 cases, Germany 1549, France 7,379, Spain 3,829, and Italy 1462.



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