It’s 5:00 Somewhere

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Happy Friday, Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Good grief!! Has anyone given thought to a long holiday weekend? I’m sorry to rain on the parade of those still suffering heat waves, but it feels like fall here. Our weekend forecast is the typical stuff that long weekends were made for — a mixed bag and quickly changing projections so that one can never rely on plans to be solid. It’s been about 70 degrees today, with chances of rain for the next six.

Oh, and of course, there’s the fact that there’s a pesky virus prowling among people.

I’m starting to feel this pressure to get out there and enjoy a little life before feces hits the fan again. Schools are attempting to gather bodies that breathe on each other, the earth’s tilt is having its effect on the amount of daylight and warmth from the sun — sorry, again, to those still sweltering — and flu season combined with election season gives us all TrumpFlu.

Infectious disease experts say that the holiday weekend has the makings of what they call an “accelerator event.” Ready to celebrate?

I admit, some days it’s anxiety, some days it’s depression.

They don’t mention fear of fascism.

So we’ve talked about making this a staycation weekend before we are closed in and/or closed down again, heading to the big lake with the camera to catch some waves, and find an adult beverage somewhere in an outdoor venue.

But in case of rain, I’m willing to pour a drink at home. Anyone care to join me? Cheers, hoping your 5:00 arrives soon!