Last Call: 9-26-20

Gooooooood evening, News Viewers. I hope you’re enjoying the last weekend in September. We’re now only 37 days away from what is presumed to be a very, chaotic election day. Just get your ballots in early, by October 22, seriously. Make your voices heard and help get that Orange Ass out of office.

A few housecleaning issues:

  • The first presidential debate is this Tuesday. Please join us for a Live Discussion on it. More details to come.
  • News Views has recently retired a few moderators because our awesome Community does not require a ton of them. Furthermore, we can control the troll. That award goes to my twin, JayeS.
  • But…..what we do want are a few more publishers. I’ve talked to a few of you in the past but never followed up completely, my bad. So, if you want to be a frequent publisher, please let Forkless or me know.
  • I don’t frequently reject your Community Submissions but have had to lately because some lacked pertinent information (sources, images, fixing formatting issues, or duplicates).
  • The fixing formatting issues is a big one. If I have the time, I will search for your source if you forgot to add one or fix a few typos, sentences, etc….if I have the time. But on a personal note, I’ve discarded a few lately because of formatting issues. I had hand surgery last year and still am recovering…slowly…because I have another issue that was recently diagnosed. So, at times I’m not so willing to put forth the effort because my arm brace prevents me from doing a lot of typing. Help me help you, please. Follow our Guidelines, please.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Yes, this is dated but keep it mind because four more years will be HELL! You think it’s bad now? Huh! Just you wait.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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