Billboard in SW PA accuses Biden of dementia; misspells dementia

A roadside billboard in Fayette County repeating a Republican accusation that Democratic nominee presidential Joe Biden suffers from diminished mental capacity has a deficiency of its own: A whopper of a spelling error.

“Biden’s dimensia is worsening, he is not fit,” the billboard reads, misspelling “dementia.” The billboard also repeats two denigrating nicknames that President Donald Trump has used to refer to the former vice president and his running-mate, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. As a matter of policy, the Capital-Star does not repeat those nicknames.

According to the Twitter user who took the photo above, the billboard is located on Route 21 just outside of Uniontown, at the intersection of Matthew Drive and the Route 119 bypass.


Article submitted by, PragDem.