Free Chat Friday, Week 45

Happy Friday, News Viewers. and we’re still living The Longest Day== Election Day of 2020. It’s 3 a’m and again, I can’t sleep because….Pennsylvania! and Georgia and Nevada– if I sleep I’ll miss this or that county and its 560 votes. . . . Exhausting week, but a hopeful one — we might just win this, and the last thing Donald tries to destroy–the notion of free elections — will be the very thing that saves us.

So free chat, anything goes within reason, and that reminds me — it’s an open thread so gifs, memes, and video clips are ok, just don’t carpet bomb the thread and re: video clips, keep them short (under 2 minutes or so). Today is November 6 in 2020, the votes keep coming in, and let’s talk about it. . . . .

Who should be the next senator from California?