Tucker Carlson: ‘Anyone Who Talks About Identity Should Be Immediately Disqualified from Service’

“Anyone who talks about identity should be immediately disqualified from service,” Carlson then replied. “Who cares about your identity? It’s the least interesting thing about you.”

On Thursday’s installment of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, the show’s host said “Anyone who talks about identity should be immediately disqualified” from military service. His comments specifically referenced people with transgender identities.

Carlson’s comments came during a discussion with Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt about who will benefit most from the soon-to-be-implemented policies of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden after he takes office in January.

During the segment, Hurt alluded to Biden’s pledge to overturn President Donald Trump‘s ban on transgender people in the military. Biden has said that he would overturn the ban early into his presidency. He could do so by issuing an executive order without the aid of Congress.

Source: Newsweek

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