Happy Holidays, 2020; Free Chat Friday, Week 52

Happy Friday, News Viewers, Christmas Day, 2020. . . . .Before long, we’ll be saying Happy New Year’s Eve, Happy New Years Day 2021; then Happy Inauguration Day, 2021.

If we thought the Inauguration would signal the end of Trump, we’d be disappointed; the man himself is fading away but his wreckage walks among us–like Amy Klobuchar tweeted, “he’s not draining the swamp, he’s pardoning the swamp. . . “

Trump. The gift that keeps on giving. . . . But 2020 gave us much more and not all of it bad — I had to google “good things that happened in 2020” though because I couldn’t remember any 🙂 Mashable came up with a few:

“But if 2020 is to be treated as a sentient being, then it should also be applauded. That’s right, I said what I said. The year saw advances on multiple fronts. Human ingenuity and tenacity brought some astounding breakthroughs. These were not mere silver linings, but major steps towards solving humanity’s biggest problems and improving the quality of life for all. Fascism, climate change and institutional racism may have reared their ugly heads, but so did a coordinated popular response. As a result, the future is brighter than you think.”

What’s on for your Christmas Day? Let’s talk about it; it’s an open thread so anything goes within reason (or without 🙂 Today in this neck of the woods it’s cold with no snow; I’m making a pecan pie for zoom meeting with the offspring and their spouses; and for Dessert in the Driveway with my cousin. . . . .It’s a good day to chat wherever we’re standing — whatcha got?