COVID 19 UPDATES: 1 / 21 / 2021

So what all happened yesterday?

Well, besides Trump leaving DC and Biden and Harris and two, Dem senators from Georgia sworn in, yesterday was also the anniversary of the first American reported Covid case, and unfortunately, was also a day where the 2nd highest single day Covid death toll (so far) was recorded in America.

On a positive note, the surge on a surge seems to be passing, with new cases and positive test rates plummeting and very slow reductions in hospitalizations.


  • 7 day average, new cases:  197,058
  • 7 day average, covid deaths:  3,142
  • new cases this month:  4.496 million
  • new deaths this month:  61,511
  • total cases:  25 million
  • total deaths:  415,905


  • America’s 7 day average positive test rate:  9.8% and going down
  • 6 states + DC have a positive test rate of 5% or less
  • 23 states have a positive test rate of 10% or higher
  • 8 states have a positive test rate of 20% or higher


  • Hospitalizations:  122,700
  • In ICU Ward:  22,809
  • On Ventilator:  7,564

Data compiled by, snake.