Talko Tuesday: The typical internet troll

We’ve all seen them; many of us have even seen them here, on News Views. That ‘special’ someone that responds to everyone’s comments with absurdities seeking attention or looking for validation. I just happened to ban one the other day for being so incredibly annoying. Toodles, Rudels.

Or, there’s the internet troll that thought it would be so fun to spend his entire day AND night downvoting all our comments. Remember 5 O’clock Charlie? Typical internet troll—a sock shared by many but when ‘Googled,’ this guy popped up:

Typical internet troll but with a hefty heaping of some good old fashioned racism and ignorance on the side.

But, those types of trolls are nothing and can easily be disposed of.

It’s the internet troll that kicks it up several notches and creates all these socks, vile socks that dig up old, several years old, comments you’ve posted on news sites, pre-News Views days, and just replies to you out of the blue as if to say, “I’m baaaaaack. Miss me?” Yeah, like a boil on my butt.

But usually, he just up or downvotes your comment to, again, let you know he’s still alive, unfortunately. And if he truly gets brave and ventures out of his bunker to follow you here or other sites you post RECENT comments on, his reply to you is utterly disgusting, depraved, and vile. Sometimes, he might even post a death threat or two because he’s disgusting, depraved, and vile. Obviously, he hasn’t heard of #BeBest!

But, he’s an internet troll; typical, to a degree, but more of the psycho type who should really seek help and be placed on a watchlist of sorts. Do they have watch lists in Australia?

So, got any internet trolls following your around? Need me to bring out my ban bat? I can lend a hand or a bat; just let me know.

Talk it up!

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